Habitat Group deals with the planning, realization, renovation, start-up and all-round consultancy for hospitality facilities. Its success is based on design, communication, perspectives, automation, management and marketing.
The company was founded with the intention of supplying a complete turnkey product and, over the
years, has experienced the whole detailed world of every hospitality facility, since it is not a straightforward construction project, but a veritable system that evolves over time. This represents the source of Habitat Group’s commitment to become a trusted partner, and not just an ordinary supplier. Hence a proper guide that is capable of accompanying clients BEFORE, DURING and AFTER project realization involving work and strategy processes such as staff training, the planning of effective marketing campaigns and the coaching of professional figures such as chefs,generalmanagers, maître and many others.
In this way, Habitat Group anticipates clients’ needs thus ensuring they are constantly competitive and productive on the market.


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