Thanks to its many years of experience, Habitat Group is able to offer a team of professionals, technicians and manufacturing companies that boast quality, talent and good taste for everything that has to do with the creation of new structures and the facilities renovation involving tourism and tourism infrastructure such as hotels, restaurants and bars.
Habitat Group’s flexible organization allows to provide its services even in the planning and the realization of shops, shopping centers, offices, period villas or prestige homes and common areas such as convention centers, sports facilities, canteens, colleges or university campuses. In addition, Habitat Group is able to offer its assistance in the field of alternative energy, advanced home automation, business premises, accommodation facilities and testing and certification of installations.
Habitat group’s operative method enables to implement and renovate accommodation facilities with fixed costs and certain time schedules. The services include, in addition to all the areas of planning and execution of works, the stages before and after these as well, therefore from the examination of the market, the competition and the financial feasibility of the project with possible advice relating to financing or incentives up to the after-implementation service of the project. Furthermore, upkeep of the facilities, staff training, marketing campaigns, customer affiliation plans and management coaching.
Habitat Group will be your partner that will flank you all the time and something that you can always rely on. This is the strength of the services offered by Habitat Group.



The planning focuses on achieving the perfect balance between the design quality and the materials with the reference budget

Project for the renovation of rooms and reception area…

Planning and supply of rooms and planning of all common spaces…



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